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All you need to register is a cell phone and a phone number that can receive SMS.
Your account is linked to your phone number. If you change your phone number, you will need to transfer or delete your account. There is no other option!

During the short registration process you will have the opportunity to invite friends, which means that you will have to give permission to read your contacts. This is only necessary to select the phone numbers of your friends to invite, we do not transfer your contacts to our server nor store any of your contact information.

You must also agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Of course you have to choose a username, but that’s it. If you want, you can enter your name and a few words about yourself, but it’s not mandatory.

Share content

  • Share photos from your camera or images from your device with options to modify and add comments, including links and tags
  • Share voice recordings with the option to change the background and add comments, including links and tags
  • Share text messages with the option to change the background and add comments , including links and tags
  • Share links, like posts and add comments, including additional links and tags

Links must be preceded by http:// to work.
Using tags starting with # results in clickable tags that open an overview of posts with the same tags.

The only personal information we have is your phone number, unless you provide other personal information about yourself, such as in your user profile or as part of the content you submit.
We may use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our application and improve the user experience. However, we do not create personal user profiles or attempt to link any of your data with external sources to learn more about your identity.

Privacy policy

When you tap on the name other users, you will see their profile, who they follow, what content they have shared, and what content they have liked.
To prevent others from seeing what you have liked, edit your profile and check the box next to “Hide likes from others.

During registration it is possible to give the application local and temporary access to the contacts in order to invite them to via SMS. No contact data will be transferred from the address book. Only the selected phone numbers are transferred for the purpose of sending SMS messages, but they are not stored and are not linked to the personal profile.

After registration you can invite others at any time from your profile page.

We do not tolerate any of this. In case a person shows any unproper or disrespectful behaviour, we will try our best to block and/or remove the concerning content and the block the person responsible for that. 

In case you become aware of content lke this, please use the option to report the concerning post.
Additionnally you can block any user from you own timeline.

Within the application it is possible to report individual posts. We will review the reported posts as soon as possible and remove them from the feed if necessary. If circumstances warrant, we will also block the user who created the post.
It is also possible to personally block individual users, removing their posts from your personal feed.
Both of these features can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of your feed.

The Activity View lists all activity related to your posts, as well as posts by other users who mention or follow you.
It can be filtered by mentions, comments, and more.

See the top 10 posts of each type for your current country (based on your phone number) and search for users and hashtags.

As part of user profiles, you will find a button to follow or unfollow the current user.

In your profile, you can see how many users are following you and how many you are following. Clicking on “Followers” or “Following” will bring up a list of your followers or the users who are following you, and buttons to follow or unfollow each one.

The profile contains information about you, your profile picture, who you follow and who follows you, and a list of your posts and likes.
The “Edit” function can be used to make adjustments, prevent other users from seeing what you have liked, check which users you have personally blocked (including the ability to unblock them), transfer the account to another device, and delete the account completely and irrevocably.
Details about can be found on the info page and it is possible to contact the team.

Don’t worry. Just reinstall and sign in with your phone number your have used before.

To transfer your account to a new phone number, you will need a second device.

On your new device (the device with your new phone number)
Install and click on “Transfer account from other device”. You will see a QR code.

On your old device:
Edit your profile and use the “Transfer Account” option. You will need to scan the QR code displayed on your new device.

To permanently delete your profile and all your data, edit your profile and use the “Delete Account” option.

If you have already uninstalled, you will need to reinstall and login with the same phone number your account is associated with. Now you can continue as above.


We strive to deliver at the best possible price, so delivery is free.
We usually ship with DHL or DPD.

To track your order, please use the appropriate link below and enter the tracking number. Used parcel service and tracking number has been sent as part of the order fulfillment email you get after your order has been fully processed.

Delivery times to Germany are 4-7 days, to EU countries 8-11 days and worldwide up to 30 days. In some cases it may take longer.

For German customers it is possible to receive the delivery at a DHL Packstation.
On the checkout page, use the “Ship to a different address” form to enter the Packstation number (e.g. “Packstation 000″) in the first text box (placeholder text “House number and street name”) and your personal Postnummer in the second text box (placeholder text “Apartment, suite, …”) below “Street address” headline.
Enter the postcode of the selected Packstation in the corresponding field.

Payments are made through PayPal (no account required), which offers multiple payment methods.

Cancellations and returns can be made within 30 days after your order is listed as shipped.
Please use our returns form.

If you are not satisfied with your order or there are any quality issues, please contact us.
Please send an e-mail to

Our goal is to sell high quality and sustainable products.
All our cloths are produced under sustainable and fair conditions by Stanley/Stella and are made of organic cotton or recycled fibers with respect for people and the environment.
The prints and packaging are also made with sustainability in mind.